Sunday, 25 August 2013

It has been a while..

Hello Everyone!

I have somehow managed to not post on here since May 2012! Unbelievable! 

..So what have I been up to?

Last September, I started a Level 3 Hair & Media Make-Up course at college after finishing Beauty Therapy. 
The course consisted of lots of different little units including things such as; (I won't list them all and bore you to death..) fashion and photographic make-up, cosmetic camouflage, eyelash extensions and hair styling/colouring. The wide range meant that we could have a dip into all different aspects of make-up/hair, to decide which ones we were best at or enjoyed the most.

We took part in many events, (most with only days notice >:(!) which ranged from photoshoots with photography students, to theatre performances and even casualty make-up for Health & Social Care events. 

Here are a few snippets of things I did to show you..

Cosmetic Camouflage: Tattoo Cover using Kryolan Dermacolor
Theatrical Make-Up (Mad Hatter)
A twist on bridal make-up.

A Christmas Card we created for the college, using each other as models - I worked on the marionette doll

..and here's me looking silly during the process of 'My Little Pony' haha

So, now here I am a couple of months after finishing the course and I am really missing it. I met some really lovely girls, thoroughly enjoyed the year and I am SO glad that I chose to do it. I wish I could do it again, because there is sadly just not enough time to cover all of the things that I would have liked to.

I am itching to start channelling my energy into something new and I decided the best idea would be to pick up where I left off here and submerge myself into it.

I'm really excited about getting back into the swing of things and hopefully you will see some interesting posts to come from me soon!

Of course, if you do have anything you would like to ask me don't be afraid to give me a shout in the comments :)

Lots of love always,