Friday, 4 May 2012

So I took a little trip to boots today..

I have a bit of a problem where I can't just walk past boots, I have to go inside - usually resulting in a not so happy bank balance. I didn't go too mad today and just picked up a few bits, so I thought I'd post a quick haul and review - I'm almost certain you'll recognise some of the things I bought!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 HR - On & On Bronze

Highly pigmented cream/gel eyeshadow that is said to last a whole 24 hours without creasing or fading. 
As far as I know there are currently only 7 shades to the range and I went for the colour 'On and on Bronze'. 
Fairly new to the market, they have been described as a very similar product to MAC paintpots, but less than half the price.

As you can see in the swatch, it is definitely very pigmented and the colour is gorgeous. I think it would look extra lovely on someone with green/brown eyes.
It only needed one swipe for that intensity, and can be blended out to soften any harsh edges. I would recommend doing one eye at a time if you're going to blend it, as it does dry quickly.

As far as the lasting 24 hours goes, I don't really like the idea of having make-up on for long enough to find out. It definitely has some staying power though as it took some scrubbing to get it off!

I only hope that Maybelline bring out more lighter, neutral shades of this product as this was the only wearable daytime shade they had, which is what I was after.

All in all, this is a beautiful product and at a very reasonable price how can I complain?
I have a feeling I'm going to find this sneaking into my daily make up routine.
You can purchase Maybelline Colour Tattoos at boots here for £4.99.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie

I know you've all seen these before because they've been talked about so much lately.

With a fantastic shade range of 14 colours (at least in boots), I found it very difficult to choose which to buy and I was very tempted to just buy every one. But of course, that would be ridiculous, and I chose 'Berry Smoothie'.

It's quite a natural colour, one I would describe as 'your lips but better' for my skin tone.
It has a sheer consistency, but can be built up to be more vibrant.
It's the kind of lip colour that can be applied with minimal effort, but yet look amazing every time.

(Phwoar check out my hairy face! Cheers for that super macro.)

They contain a formula of mango, shea and coconut butter to hydrate and moisturise your lips.
Revlon claim that '94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother and instantly hydrated', and I have to agree. This makes your lips feel loooovely.

I may be nit picking, but I feel the only downside with this product is the packaging. I think that the plastic lid looks quite cheap, especially in comparison to it's competitor, the L'Oreal Rouge Caress Lipstick.
Does anybody else agree, or am I being fussy?

I do really love this product though, and I'm definitely going to buy more. I'm eyeing up 'Tutti Frutti' and 'Macaroon'. Maybe even 'Peach Parfait'. Ahhhh just give me them all!

You can find them here for £7.99!

Revlon Nail Enamel - Sweet Tart and Sparkling

I don't think you can ever have too many bottles of nail varnish. I always seem to find myself reverting back to my comfort zone of dark reds and purples, so today I went for something a lot brighter, as after all it is nearly summer! By the looks of things we're never going to see the sun in England this year, so the least I can do is brighten up my nails I suppose. 

The two colours I chose are 'Sweet Tart' and 'Sparkling'.

'Sweet Tart' is a gorgeous candy pink, it makes me feel summery just looking at it! I found I needed two coats to ensure it was completely opaque, but I'd say that's the same with any nail varnish. I think this would look great worn with a plain outfit or LBD, teamed with a matching lipstick. Lovely!

As soon as I saw 'Sparkling' I knew I had to have it. It's a beautiful pink glitter polish, with fine and also larger pieces of glitter. Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter mentioned this nail varnish in one of her blog posts, and you can see what she said about it here. How can anyone not love this? So preeetty. It can be applied as sheer or opaque as you like, building it up with more coats. I chose to pair the two colours on my ring finger for a bit of subtle sparkle, but I'm looking forward to doing it really thick and going full blown glitterball!

Unfortunately, it's tricky to photograph and you can't get a very good idea of how the glitter looks without seeing it for yourself, but it is very lovely and I'm going to try it out on top of every colour I own!

You can buy Revlon Nail Enamel here for £6.49 each, or there's an offer on for 2 for £8 - bargain!

Has anybody else tried out any of these products? I'd love to hear other opinions!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All of the photos above were taken by myself. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. I bought and paid for all of the products myself, all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow I'd never heard of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range at all but that colour looks absolutely lovely. I'm obsessed with neutrals and I have hazel eyes so I think that colour would definitely be something I could get good use of! I'll have to pick one up next time I'm in Boots.

    That Lip Butter looks so lovely on you, I'm eager to try them out but haven't had time to have a proper mooch at the make-up sections recently but I'm looking forward to reviewing them too!

    Great post :) xx

    1. Thank you :)
      The lip butter's my new favourite thing, I'm going to be wearing it every day! xx

  2. The drug store/high street has come out with some great products recently which has strayed me away from my high end favourites and saved me a penny or two! I love the Revlon lip butters but I think the L'Oreal Caresse lipsticks are more suitable for my dry lips!

    1. I haven't bought any of them yet but I'm very tempted to get cheeky magenta! :)